You’ve very likely got a Linkedin profile, maybe you have responded to an invitation by email to create an account, perhaps you are even somewhat active.

If you are a Job Seeker, then we recommend not only having a Linkedin profile, but we can’t emphasize enough that it must be Optimised in terms of content, layout, Headline, image, Header image…even the type of network that you have and who you are connected to will determine just how visible you are when it comes to recruiter searches.

It would be impossible to say just how many members there are on Linkedin, apparently, there is a new member every 1 second, suffice it to say…Millions!  Around one fifth to one quarter of this number are recruiters.

Needless to say, this is an audience that you do not want to overlook!

Knowing that is one thing, getting seen by the people who could help you in your search for work, or even be responsible for hiring you is another thing. A Linkedin profile must not only be ‘Optimised’, which means each section is completed, but it also needs to contain the correct keywords, skills, personalisation, aesthetics and the list goes on.

If you feel that your Linkedin profile is not working hard enough for you, get in touch to discuss how we can help.