OK – So you’re not new to this anymore, perhaps you have been in an entry level job for a while, or consolidating the skills you gained during your apprenticeship, either way, you are ready for moving up the career ladder or moving on to a new challenge in a completely different environment.

We can help you to maximise the appeal to your next employer by taking what you have done so far and creating a CV that demonstrates your value and shows the potential that you can still reach.

If you are thinking about moving up or moving on to something completely new, we can help you to identify all the transferable skills that you have developed over the course of your career so far and make sure that they are presented in the best way to prospective employers.

We know how important the first few years of your career are and how they are likely to shape the rest of your working life, we also know how important it is to get this element of your job search efforts right!

At this point, if you do not yet have a Linkedin profile, we would definitely recommend signing up now, we can also help you with the optimising of your profile so that you are highly visible to the people who recruit within your field.