Services and Prices

CV Writing and Linked Profile Building and Optimising Services and Prices

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Documents are fully personalised to you. We don’t use templates and we will use a CV style that suits your background, skills and industry.

A bespoke job search document needs time and effort to create. We don’t offer a flat-fee price as the work involved will vary, hence our different rates.

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Services and Prices

Services and Prices

All products come with a free Ebook ‘Launching Your Job Search Campaign’, which gives additional guidance on growing your Linkedin Network and leveraging your network to assist you in your search for work. Also included is full guidance on constructing Cover Letters for specific vacancies or speculative approaches….and much more!

Starting Out [0-4 Years’ Experience] from £95.00
Moving Up, Moving On [5-9 Years’ Experience] from £150.00
Professional [10-14 Years’ Experience] from £205.00
Professional Plus [15+ Years’ Experience] from £265.00
*Full Linkedin profile Build and optimisation from £95.00
*Full Linkedin Review and Optimisation from £60.00

*If you purchase a Linkedin product with your CV services, we can give you a 33% price discount on the Linkedin product!

Other Services

We offer a full range of Job Search tools which includes Bespoke Application Writing and Coaching as well as Job Interview Preparation and Mock Interview Coaching, but the list is by no means exhaustive, so feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help you in your job search campaign.

If you would like a chat about any issues that you are facing, especially if you feel you have encountered an obstacle or two that seems to be preventing you from reaching your objectives, please, either call 01254 581384 or send a message, we look forward to hearing from you.

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