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You have a CV? Great, but what sort of response are you getting from your applications? If you are not getting the results you anticipated, especially if you felt pretty confident when you clicked the ‘submit’ button to send your application away, then getting a negative response, or no response at all can lead to frustration and disappointment!

Especially since it can take hours of your precious time preparing for the application.

What is Going On?

If you are applying for work with major brands and large companies who very likely handle thousands of applications each week, or if you are uploading your CV to a job board, the chances are that your CV is not going direct to another person. It is very likely that your CV is being  scanned for keywords and phrases by pretty cutting-edge software that ensures only the most appropriate applications are filtered through to the recruiter.

While this saves a lot of time and money for businesses, it could mean that, unless you can speak the same language as this software, and fully understand how to tailor your application to meet the strict criteria of the job description specifications, your application may just not get through to the next stage –¬†even though you may be ideal for the job!

Get Yourself a Head-Start!

How great would it be to find out in advance how your application is likely to be received by these systems? Free of charge!!

Here’s your chance!

Send your CV to us, along with either a link to the vacancy you are interested in, or attach a file containing the job description, and we will scan and score the application for you – free of charge – and provide some feedback as to how well the application matches you job description, along with how it can be improved if necessary.

Email Рor upload everything here Рwe look forward to hearing from you!


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