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We are Helping Job Seekers Like You to Improve Their Invite to Interview Rate

What a Job Seeker really need to know about us is ‘How can we help you get more interviews?’

Simply put, we have been helping jobseekers like you connect with recruiters since 1991, so we have a great understanding of helping the two meet, recruiters want great candidates and great candidates need to let recruiters know how great they are.

Problems Jobseekers Face

A couple of problems that great candidates have are, firstly, some people find it hard to ‘big themselves up’ and don’t want to appear overconfident or even cocky and secondly, it is hard to separate skills, achievements and how to put together a general description of what they do in an interesting and appealing way, it may even be hard to narrow down the last twenty years of work into two pages.

Guiding You Through the Modern Recruitment Market

At Careervisa, we know how to pull together all of these elements and convert it into a winning CV that will highlight and showcase the very best of what you have done, keeping it relevant with all the skills you can bring to a modern recruitment market, whilst not leaving out older skills and experience that are still impressive.

In short, we can build a clear and concise picture of you in a way that the recruiter will find so easy to find what they need to know at a glance.

Connecting You with Recruiters

Clearly, since 1991, things have changed, but we have changed along with technology and the way recruiters and candidates connect, so we can also offer some great Job Search enhancers, such as a fully optimised and visible Linkedin profile, or even a WordPress web platform with complete Social Media integration if that is how you want to present yourself, with a portfolio of your work.

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