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We are Helping Job Seekers Like You to Improve Their Invite to Interview Rate

What a Job Seeker really need to know about us is ‘How can we help you get more interviews?’

Simply put, we have been helping jobseekers like you connect with recruiters since 1991, so we have a great understanding of helping the two meet, recruiters want great candidates and great candidates need to let recruiters know how great they are.

Problems Jobseekers Face

A couple of problems that great candidates have are, firstly, some people find it hard to ‘big themselves up’ and don’t want to appear overconfident or even cocky and secondly, it is hard to separate skills, achievements and how to put together a general description of what they do in an interesting and appealing way, it may even be hard to narrow down the last twenty years of work into two pages.

Guiding You Through the Modern Recruitment Market

At Careervisa, we know how to pull together all of these elements and convert it into a winning CV that will highlight and showcase the very best of what you have done, keeping it relevant with all the skills you can bring to a modern recruitment market, whilst not leaving out older skills and experience that are still impressive.

In short, we can build a clear and concise picture of you in a way that the recruiter will find so easy to find what they need to know at a glance.

Connecting You with Recruiters

Clearly, since 1991, things have changed, but we have changed along with technology and the way recruiters and candidates connect, so we can also offer some great Job Search enhancers, such as a fully optimised and visible Linkedin profile, or even a WordPress web platform with complete Social Media integration if that is how you want to present yourself, with a portfolio of your work.

Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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Customer Feedback
I was recommended David's services by another professional CV writer on Linkedin. David has a system where he is able to score your existing CV against a job vacancy to which you'd like to apply. Using this as the basis of building the CV, he comes up with a document that is relevant and concise and fully reflective of experience. I was particularly impressed with the speed David got my CV back to me. His services also include information of how to tweak a CV to create maximum impact as well as writing the perfect covering letter. His advice to ...
David's work is superb I must say. I got in touch with him to revamp my curriculum vitae and he quickly decided to set up a Skype chat with me first before commencing the job. He did a swift yet a good quality job for me and i am satisfied with his work. You need your curriculum vitae 'overhauled', revamped, optimised? Please get in touch with David!
Fantastic support really Understood what I needed. CV was tailored to what I needed and Dave was available throughout. Great guy!
David helped me when I needed a CV writing and I did not know how to go about it. David highlighted specific areas to tailor it to the job I was making an application for. He also took out things that didn’t need to be there so the important parts of my CV stood out.Thank you very much for your help. I felt very comfortable in your presence and appreciated all your guidance. Thanks!
I would highly recommend Dave's services. His professional approach from start to finish really shines through!I would not hesitate in recommending Dave's services.
David provided an excellent service. He made a personal visit to meet and get to know me before writing out my CV and creating an excellent LinkedIn profile. He was professional at all times but with a down-to-earth attitude that put me at ease right away. David gave a transparent outline of the services he provides and the costs associated with them. He was responsive and created a professional CV that shows clearly my strengths and experience. The CV and LinkedIn profile was created and was up and ready for viewing quickly and is already generating a lot of interest.
David has just completed both my LinkedIn profile and my CV and l couldn't be happier. Having professional agencies compliment the improvement of my CV and a job offer within 24 hours of completing my LinkedIn profile speaks for itself. With a quick response time and passion to help those seeking his expertise, l would highly recommend David to anyone who is seeking a job but not quite getting anywhere with what they currently have. Thank You Dave.
David is an expert in his field, extremely professional, approachable and available when required. He took the time to establish what I wished to achieve and worked with me to obtain extraordinary results. I am now ready with more confidence for a fresh start on job hunting.I would recommend David to anyone seeking professional careers advice.
David was extremely approachable and really gave me a different opinion and strategy when rewriting my CV. He really listened to what I wanted and gave me a new lease of life with regards to my job search confidence
Working with David was a very easy, quick and enjoyable experience. The end result was better than I could have hoped for. Very professional finish and I would definitely recommend him if you need the help. Done with attention to detail and was not left waiting long. Thank you very much!!
David is a highly experienced and knowledgeable practitioner within the careers sector. He provides us with excellent service with regards to candidate CVs, bespoke careers advice and valuable online content. David is someone that we would recommend to anyone requiring the same high-quality consultation.
One of my original Twitter friends David always puts aside time to get to know you and assist in any way he can. I have since met David at networking events and can firmly say he is a genuine, hardworking guy with an excellent sense of humour. He has a great telephone manner and I would recommend him to anyone in the Lancashire area.
It is not every day we meet open-minded people, curious, ready to exchange and moreover providing exceptional professional services. David is an experienced person, understands complex matters even when outside of his direct area of expertise. I truly recommend every professional and company to secure David’s services, experience, knowledge and network. I wish David success with his projects and career!
David's professional and prompt response has been exceptional. He is extremely knowledgeable and delivers an A1 service. His guidance and input has increased my ranking and generated further business already therefore anyone looking to revamp their profile or set themselves above competitors, David would be my first port of call. I look forward to continuing working with David and wish you continued success.
I have worked for the same company for 20 years and decided it was time for change in my career, I didn’t know where to start writing a CV so decided to look online for someone to write it professionally.I found Dave’s CV writing serves and I’m so glad I decided to use his services. Everything was so easy, Spoke to Dave on the phone and he was so friendly and helpful. He said my CV would becompleted in 4 days and it was. When I received my CV I was thrilled, It had so much great detail and I ...
David has been extremely helpful in sorting out my C.VI had applied for numerous positions for which I was more than qualified and had not even been given an interview, after David explained why and he revamped my C.V. I am more confident now of gaining my next position.David turned around my revamped C.V. very quickly as a position I was very interested in came up, he provided help by looking over the application and tailored the C.V. to suit this application; this exceeded my expectations off him.I am very pleased with the work David has done and have no ...
I recently employed the services of David to update my linked in profile and tidy up my CV, David was extremely quick and professional and provide an excellent service, I will be recommending Careervisa to anyone seeking to have a more professional profile.
After being self-employed for almost 4 years, I was struggling to write up a CV that showcased everything I had achieved and learned during this time. David had already completed an excellent CV and LinkedIn profile for a family member and came highly recommended to me. He visited me at home and had an in-depth discussion about the exact nature of my business and the skills and key points that I had covered during my working life. David then produced a CV that was comprehensive and clearly showcased my attributes and skills also completed a fantastic LinkedIn profile that has ...
I couldn't recommend Dave enough, my CV looks phenomenal and so does my new linked in profile.Dave worked efficiently from start to finish and the result is absolutely amazing. I am extremely happy with the outcome. Hiring Dave was the best choice ever.
I would like to recommend Dave Smith for his professionalism, attention to detail and turn around in good time. He is worth knowing.
For anyone currently looking for new opportunities, perhaps unsure where to start when it comes to getting your profile in the best possible place or who have not been successful despite numerous job applications, I recommend you contact David.The service he offers is exceptional, efficient and priceless when entering into the sometimes daunting world of recruitment and job hunting!
David is definitely your first stop for all your jobseeker's needs. Fully professional approach and deep knowledge will smooth your way to new opportunities or career change. With the STAR tips and guidance he gave me I was able to land two interviews right after and adjusting my L-In profile resulted in doubling the traffic. Fully recommend.
David helped me fix my CV to target and acquire a new position. I can’t thank him enough for his understanding and efficiency in helping me to gear my CV towards my eventual career goal. I would highly recommend him.
I was recommended by a friend in the same industry as me for David to do my CV and Linkeden.He done an outstanding job and took the time to get all the key details from me I wanted on my CV and Linkeden and displayed them brilliantly.I highly recommend his services!
David provided an excellent service and final product. He exceeded my expectations in quality of the final product, and I would recommend his service to anyone looking for either CV writing, LinkedIn profile writing or assistance with planning your job search.
David is amazing! He wrote me a superb CV and optimised my LinkedIn profile. He spent time getting to know me; we chatted over Skype so he could get a proper understanding of what I do and what I want. He was always available to answer any questions (I had lots) and give me advice and guidance (which was much needed and much appreciated!). I would recommend anyone needing help with their CV and LinkedIn profile to get in touch with David. He is knowledgeable and patient (very patient!), and I will definitely make use of his services again.
David is very focused on delivering a customised package right for the individual. He is very helpful, professional and friendly throughout and a pleasure to work with. Thanks again! Scott
Dave is a fantastic analyst for someone who is looking to choose strong career path. His examination and understanding of one's personality is indeed faultless and valuable.His suggestions have helped in my CV analysis and interview tips.All the best
I got in touch with Dave after a recommendation from my friend, who said Dave's skills were unbeatable and helper her seal the deal on getting interviews and then a job. After getting in touch with Dave through LinkedIn and Twitter, he created several changes to my CV and covering letters to help me get the job that I desired.Not only is Dave brilliant at what he does, he keeps in touch with you to check if there is anything else he can help you out with, if there is any progress or maybe even if you want alternations or ...
David’s attention to detail, his ability, the standard of his work is so good that i have had an overwhelming response from the CV provided. I have had much positive feedback from employment agencies saying the CV highlights my skills and is well thought out. Thank you yet again Sir David.
It’s my absolute pleasure to provide this recommendation for David Smith. He is very knowledgeable, resourceful, trustworthy, and highly skilled professional.One of his skills I admire while interacting with David is his ability to listen to his client.Highly organized and always willing to help, putting his client first in any situation- are the benefits that anybody would gain from working with David.I’m looking forward to working with David again as soon as I need his services.
Thank you David for the comments on my CV - really good to hear that mainly it looks strong, and the couple of changes you suggested should help considerably.
From initial contact David was professional and personable. He quickly provided me with top quality feedback on a CV that I have been using for years and couldn't see the wood for the trees! I can honestly state that I amended my CV incorporating all of his changes and am extremely pleased with the results...he has moved my CV from one that was keeping hold of my student/graduate that of a professional career woman. Thank you.
I took the opportunity of a free CV appraisal with David and I’m glad that I did. He was very professional, respectful of my time and took my privacy concerns seriously.The appraisal was right on the money. It included useful insights on font choice, readability, concision and how the CV reads from a recruiter's point of view. It also offered more general advice about the use of CV in conjunction with my website and social media profiles.Based on David’s courteous professionalism, and the accuracy of the CV appraisal, I’d gladly recommend his services to other people.
Would highly recommend this service to anyone at any stage of career. Great advice and guidance whilst expanding one’s own understanding of what makes an excellent CV.
Thank you David for your help with the writing of my CV. It's the first important step to getting noticed and landing that all important interview. I'm now settled into my new role. Thanks again Denise
These days jobs are harder to come by and this means recruiters and employers often have dozens, even hundreds of applicants for key jobs. We want to give our candidates the best chance of making sure their CV gets them to interview which is why we recommend Dave at Career Visa. He professionalises the CV and gives the jobseeker the tools needed to excel at interview.
David is a gem of a person and is a thorough professional. David and I have been building a project over last few months, and I have to say the interaction has not only been focused and productive, but also extremely helpful and jovial! He has successfully guided people into employment by assisting clients produce professional CVs in accordance with their experience. I'm delighted to have connected with David via Twitter and have no hesitation in recommending him highly
I really like Dave. He brings an enormous wealth of experience from his previous role as a job search adviser for the Jobcentre Plus and I would highly recommend David for his services. He is an expert in CV and jobsearch. consultancy and I would not hesitate to procure his professional services again. I have also recommended David to some of my work colleagues, and students in the past and will continue to do so.
David's work in relation to better shaping my Linkedin profile and CV was really good. In addition to that David was able to complete the work on schedule and was always available for further advice when required which was more than appreciated. I shall for certain keep in touch and pass along a few good words for him
David offered me constructive and professional advice whilst my last employer was in the process of a company restructure, during which time, I was seeking alternative employment.His positive, can-do attitude is a natural confidence booster and his input was greatly appreciated.
I was recommended to use Dave for a CV review. Dave was a pleasure to work with and turned around my CV very quickly. The CV looks more far professional than I anticipated, which initially made me think it was for someone else. Definitely one of the best professional decisions I have made this year.
I've had a pleasure of working with David on improving my CV and Linked In profile. He was very quick, helpful and professional.
I am really happy I got to know David through another person in the recruitment field. David is a very skilled professional within CV writing and his advices were very specific and tailored for my case.He also scanned my CV and cover letter, together with the job ad I wanted to apply for, by using a keyword scanning software that most of the big companies' recruiters use. The results from this scan gave me an idea of which keywords I should incorporate on my documents in order to increase my matching rate.Besides helping me forge a stronger CV, talking with ...
David has an understanding for his clients that makes him stand out from the thousands of freelance CV and Cover Letter Builders. He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions.Throughout the whole process of building my CV,Cover Letter and Linkedin , David completed his assignments on time and never failed to add a creative touch when appropriate .I would highly recommend David.
I needed a CV for my portfolio and to demonstrate my skills now that I am approaching final graduation. I put something together myself, but I wasn't really happy with it, so I thought I would get a professional in.Dave did a great job, he presented my skills so well and so professionally, I will be passing his details on to a number of people that I know will benefit greatly from this service. Thanks!
I needed a CV that outlined all my skills, Dave managed to produce a professional CV that promotes me well and gives me the confidence to take my career to the next level, I would recommend getting in touch with Dave if you need a great CV.
David uses his years of experience to offer a personalised and knowledgeable service. He is very friendly and approachable, always on hand to offer support and guidance, and a genuinely good person to deal with.
I have no hesitation with recommending David, what a great guy to deal with, no hassle and a great CV, I will be hiring David again for some more great ideas for my company’s website. Thanks Chris
Within hours of connecting with David on LinkedIn he had contacted me to offer a free review of my CV and within minutes of me sending this across he had responded with detailed, constructive feedback. He gave me some really useful advice which helped me to see my CV from the eyes of the reader and allowed me to make some valuable changes.David is a genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable professional of his field and I would not hesitate to recommend his services
I had heard of David and Careervisa initially through Twitter then when contemplating my next career steps I thought it would be good to have a chat with him - and it was. It was really useful to talk to David and get a different, independent opinion on my CV and my plans around looking for work and opportunities, he gave me lots to think about and some good advice.
I strongly recommend David. I approached David on Linkedin for suggestions about my Linkedin profile. David helped me doing a great job. I can describe David as a creative and expert Coach.
Quick, efficient personal service that offers flexible advice and solutions. David was quick to pick up what I needed, was clear about what he could offer and concluded the piece of work within an agreed timeframe. Thank you
I've recently got my CV appraised by David and have received excellent critique for the same. He is honest, to-the-point and provides expert comments to improve your professional profile. His knowledge and experience reflect in the analysis and content that he shares for a professional's betterment. I would highly recommend David for career consultant and a CV writer not only to fresh graduates but to experienced professionals as well. I wish him the all the best for his future endeavours
After a number of years away from the sector in which I got my degree, I sought Dave's advice for working around the black hole of time away that was now on my CV. With his wise words and direction, given over a very friendly 1-to-1 on Skype, Dave's advice saw me clinch the perfect first job I had been looking for at the first attempt with a new CV. I've now been three months in the job and could not be happier. So grateful.
Juggling a new business and conducting consultancy, my time was limited. I wanted to let people know of my professional changes but also wanted someone to be honest and straight to the point about how I could do this successfully.I came across Dave Smith at Careervisa via Linkedin.Dave is an open and honest friendly guy, who offers support in many areas. I would certainly recommend Dave / Careervisa to any of my colleagues. "If you don't invest in yourself how can you expect others to" Dave is an excellent CV writer and profile builder.Dave has been an excellent link and ...
Dave recently reviewed my CV for me in anticipation of me looking to further my HR career. The service provided by Dave was nothing short of fantastic. Dave was extremely approachable and professional whilst friendly from the off. His advice was precise, detailed and his experience and extensive knowledge greatly received. More recently Dave provided me with an interview guide prior to me attending an interview for a role I've longed to secure for some time. The guide was very user friendly and provided a number of helpful tips. I am happy to say I've now attained my new role ...
I’m so pleased that I contacted David and asked him to review my CV. Following a call from David to outline the process and explain what is required in this digital age. David from the start came across as knowledgeable and experienced at delivering a qualitative Resume.David did not disappoint. The CV he created was beyond my expectation. The structure and written word reads very professional outlining competencies and achievements. If you need your CV critiquing and reviewing I suggest you give David a call.
David responds quickly to requests to review or update a CV and gives really helpful suggestions to improve these. If you are starting from scratch, his input would be invaluable to make sure your CV is maximised, and he also gives useful advice in making the best of LinkedIn too. I highly recommend him.
David’s CV critique was absolutely first class. His review was professional, comprehensive and efficiently delivered. His support was pivotal in securing my next role. Thanks Dave!
David is a genuine expert in his field offering constructive, easy to apply advice coupled with a positive attitude and a genuine passion to help people.I would have no problem using David again and recommend his services to anyone.
David provides a fantastic service, is extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond to any messages. I was delighted with the work David completed for me. Highly recommend his services.
David’s guidance and feedback on job seekers portfolio is very helpful and will boost confidence as well as significantly increase the chances of anyone looking for new job opportunities.Thanks to David I have myself improved in how I present my professional background at various stages of selection process.David is also heavily involved in global discussions about latest research and development in all things related to candidate attraction and what makes the perfect CV. He is also actively participating online on twitter, where his personal brand is well recognised among both, job seekers and other CV experts alike.Finally it is David’s ...
I contacted David asking for a review of my CV and received a detailed, insightful reply within 24 hours. Rather than referring me to his website to work through information, he hand-picked articles and sent them directly to my inbox. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and colleagues.
I engaged with David through LinkedIn and was very impressed with his considered response, insight and creative ideas. Would be more than happy to use David again in the future.
My CV needed a complete overhaul it was not reflecting my skills and achievements. David was easy to work with and the result was an excellent CV and optimised Linkedin Profile in a quick turnaround.
David is very personable and professional in his approach. He produces work to a very high standard and has lots of experience to draw from. His follow up support guides I found very useful. I would recommend him in producing quality curriculum vitae and LinkedIn profiles.
David is a valuable professional contact and has given me hugely beneficial CV advice over the years I have known him.After expressing interested in moving up the career ladder, David offered to spruce up and optimise my LinkedIn profile for a modest fee to help me do so. His services greatly increased the layout and value of my profile, removing any unnecessary information and making information prospective employers may look for easy to find.Friendly, highly professional and great at what he does, David's services come highly recommended.
David was chosen to look over my CV whilst searching for a new position. He gave me some very good advice which resulted in a much more concise CV which focused on achievements rather than responsibilities. I managed to include much more detail whilst reducing the overall length of the document. The result is a much clearer document which has attracted many more responses than the original version.I have no hesitation in recommending Dave's services for those who need a revamp of their job seeking skills.
David helped me make my CV and brushed up my Linkedin profile. He is professional, fast and efficient.He does not waste your time. His price is reasonable. His advice is on point and he is very accommodating.It was very easy to coordinate everything. I'd highly recommend him.
I would highly recommend David and the services that he offers. He has a very professional approach and I was delighted with the result. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
I was very fortunate to meet David in order to ask for his assistance composing a new CV. I was very impressed with his work and knowledge. I would highly recommend his services.
David provided an efficient and professional service and at very short notice. I was really pleased with the CV he produced for me and the advice given and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others or use his services again.
David helped me to understand what I should do to be a successful candidate for a job that I like. I am impressed by his proficiency, experience and knowledge of the business. I appreciate his personal approach and concrete recommendation regarding my CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and job-seeking strategy. Many thanks!
David's quick responses and timeliness made working with him very smooth and reliable. His work is very neat, tidy, and well written. Would definitely recommend Mr. Smith's services.
I am pleased by the high level of quality I receive when working with David Smith on my resume and in my career search. His insights are constructive, positive, and original. I began seeing more activity and progress in my search after contacting David. I also especially appreciate not only the quality and customization but also the timeliness of his responses and his work. Throughout all our dealings he has provided a personal and friendly touch. I really appreciate his help
You have been a joy to work with. I love your manner. You are so encouraging and I always feel inspired having spoken to you. What a great skill to have.
David came highly recommended. From the initial communication right throughout the process David was very professional and pleasant to work with.The finished products were remarkable. He took time to understand what I wanted to achieve and worked very hard to deliver.Most importantly he was honest with regards to the amount of work needed and charged accordingly.I would in turn recommend David. Thank you Dave.
I was recommended Dave by a colleague. I wanted somebody who would create a new CV for me, as I was getting completely lost as to what was 'of value' to put in and what to leave out......In fact I had become incapacitated.Dave has been fantastic, he's made complete sense of what I have done, he has written a CV for me, which gives me scope, to apply for jobs which interest me.Dave was unbelievably helpful, encouraging and available at all sorts of ridiculous times, to speak on the phone.I was really impressed and am grateful to Dave for a ...
David brings an extra pair of eyes to any CV, even if you think yours is spot on it would still pay to let David take a look at it too. He offers plenty of constructive advice in a very personable manner.
I found David's CV and LinkedIn profile service to be excellent. As a result of our discussions of my career, he produced new insights into the skill set I possess and a better way of marketing those to prospective employers. It's already proved useful as I've been able to use the CV to provide clearer evidence than ever before of meeting role requirements to several major employers in my field.
David is a true expert in his chosen field of recruitment and career advice. His knowledge of the local market in East Lancashire is second to none and he constantly strives to keep up to date with key developments in the sector which will affect his clients or see any changes in the overall recruitment landscape, both locally and nationally. His personable manner and approachable style of business is evident and feedback from our readers has been totally positive and complimentary without exception. I would wholeheartedly recommend David, along with his knowledge professionalism and overall skill set.
I could not have asked for a more professional CV that Dave took the time to create. Dave got to know what roles I was interested in, he used the information from my CV and created a more relevant, precise one. I would recommend Dave for his professionalism & quick turn-around.
I have worked with David on more than one occasion and cannot recommend his work highly enough.He is clearly an expert in his field however he doesn't let this overflow into arrogance, instead he takes the time to liaise with his clients on a personable level, ascertain what they wish to achieve and work with them to obtain fantastic results.I would recommend David to anyone seeking his services
For advice or more on creating that winning CV, I can thoroughly recommend the service provided by David - prompt, efficient and professional.
David's enthusiasm for his work is endless. He is passionate about what he does and writes some fabulous editorial pieces as well as the skills he possesses with CV writing. David is an honest, trustworthy gentleman whom I would have no hesitation in recommending.
Dave provided an excellent service! I will recommend him to my friends and relatives.
David has been a great support in helping me optimise my Linkedin profile. I was looking to ensure my profile was searchable and reflected what I wanted it to and with David's suggestions, I feel I have now got it in the right shape. Thank you again, I would recommend you to anyone looking for this kind of support in future.
I originally met David through twitter. David helped me create my website, and in turn, online CV. His knowledge of this specialist industry was superb, and his creative approach to my website helped me no-end. I would, and have, recommended many colleagues to get in touch with David, for numerous different services.
David is very thorough and an expert in his field. He produced an excellent CV for me in a very short time. I am very pleased with his work. I didn't realise I was so employable.
David did an amazing job of updating and overhauling my out-of-date CV.  It was a task that seemed daunting to me, but David made the whole experience so easy and stress-free.  He was friendly, professional, expeditious, really easy to talk to and on top of that he gave me some excellent advice about returning to the job market after a 3 year gap.  I can't thank him enough.
Having taken David up on his offer of a CV review, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly he turned the work around.His communication style is frank, straight to the point but relaxed and friendly - he just offered me new ideas and simple ways to revamp my CV.I would recommend David's work as he is clear, structured and happy to have an ongoing dialogue if there is anything you are unsure about
I need to improve my CV and asked David to do the required work - I was really impressed by the work he did, I feel confident that I now have the tools needed to succeed in the Job Market. He also optimised my Linkedin profile and gave lots of follow up advice and guidance.I would definitely recommend David to anyone who needs to gain an edge in a tough market, I will definitely be using his services again and have recommended him to some friends and colleagues too! Thanks for a top service.
When turning to David for assistance, i received nothing but professionalism. With his vast amounts of knowledge, experience and insights David provides the help that pushes you in the right direction. I would recommend everyone in need of careers help to get in contact with David
David is a highly regarded contributor to Social-Hire, always sharing thought-provoking content that job-seekers greatly appreciate. I would have no hesitation in recommending David to anyone in need of professional assistance in progressing their job search.
I got in touch with Dave through Twitter. Whilst searching for a new position, I asked him to look over my CV. He was very helpful and quick to give feedback and suggestions. I was also given tips on how to construct a covering letter. I would highly recommend Careervisa to everyone that looking for new job opportunities. Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it
Having been in my job for over 26 year and the thoughts of having to create a CV were daunting, although I did attempt to do this I was unsure whether the content would be sufficient to highlight my profile. Dave's guidance and support in recreating myself was invaluable and this has really helped with networking and growing my profile.
David has been a great help to me, giving advice on how I can improve my CV and my job search. As a soon to be graduate in a difficult job market it has been great to have such valuable and informative advice. With interview tips as well as how to create a good impression on the phone. I have recommended to my class mates and friends to contact David for his ideas and insights.
I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dave Smith by a good friend. He looked at my Linkedin in profile and gave me some great suggestions to improve my visibility. Thanks Dave
I would just like to thank Dave for compiling my CV & updating my Linkedin profile. From the moment I first spoke with him he gave me full reassurance & guidance throughout the whole process. The timescale that he completed the work was also fantastic & he has given me the confidence to forge ahead with my Job search. Many thanks again Dave I would & have highly recommended you to friends & colleagues.
David is without question the most supportive and enthusiastic person to help you with your new CV! His passion to make sure you present the winning CV is second to none. After using several services, I have found David to really care about making sure you get that perfect position and doing that through making sure your CV is perfect! Thank you David.
I can say that I am 100% please with the work David has done for me on my CV and LinkedIn page.My CV is streamlined yet seems to say more about my experiences! It’s much more professional and as such portrays me in the same light.He answered queries quickly, provided gentle reminders, advised on how best to approach tackling my new CV and produced error free quality work on time.Along with the CV and LinkedIn help I have found David’s advice and guidance in starting my own venture invaluable. He is a fountain of information and great ideas and I ...
David is very professional in his work. He was very helpful and asked many questions about my work history so my cv is as close to the truth as if I had produced it myself. I would have no problem sending my acquaintances to him.
Initially connecting via Twitter, David and I have established a firm relationship. His vast knowledge of social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, Klout etc is proving invaluable to my marketing insight, strengthening my strategies.Always a pleasure to deal with, I would recommend Dave to all. His confident and encouraging manner will definitely bring out the best in you.
David is a hard-working, resourceful and highly professional career advisor. The materials he produces are top-notch and he knows how to build networks of useful contacts online (as his legions of Twitter followers will attest!), as well as the more standard CV writing and so on.He is, in short, a thoroughly new-school careers advisor and if I ever find myself in need of professional careers advice I can't think of anyone I'd rather turn to!
I would highly recommend David's work. David's support working on my cv with interview tips helped me receive a job offer for a procurement leader role. This was the first application I made after working with David. 100% success rate!I plan to use David again, although it may not be for a few years though!
David was a superb point of reference for me who was introduced by a mutual contact. After finding the job that I wanted, David looked through my CV to point out exactly what was need to make it good, to excellent. He was quick reliable and incredibly knowledgeable due to his extensive experience and his superb software. I would not hesitate to recommend David to any of my contacts, friends or family.
I worked with David on a market research project aimed at finding out how people look for jobs online. Using a special candidate-job fit technology, David provided expert advice on whether people search from the right roles for themselves, given their CV and experience. His feedback was very constructive, because he basically advised candidates which of their own skills to point out for the specific job role, as well as which other skills they may need to be perfect fit for the job.
I have approached David for some friendly feedback and advice on my CV (it's difficult doing your own - being able to critic your own work!), within less than 24 hours David had sent me some very comprehensive feedback, all of which was constructive, positive and really helpful. In addition to this, David also sent me some guides which are useful.Cheers David!
When David offered to look over my C.V. for free, I wondered what the catch is, I mean, nothing seems to be free anymore. There was no catch though, just a really genuine and knowledgeable person willing to help.Not wanting to miss the chance of any feedback I sent my C.V. to David and what I received was a quick and constructive response with great ideas